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These days in America it’s all about war. Big Media harps endlessly about it, civilians are wearing camouflage as a fashion statement, the Middle East is on everybody’s lips, and being pro-war is the only position one dares to profess (You don’t support terrorism, do you?).

Indeed, today it is very popular to be a war-hawk: to want to bomb Syria, the Islamic State (wherever that is), and hey, why not bomb Russia while we’re at it? (Syria is right on their doorstep, strangely enough).

But America’s long history of dubious foreign entanglements, which are always procured by Big Media, ought to make us slow to trust new operations and believe the public justifications for them. And we would be, too, except that we can’t remember the past.

Former president Eisenhower was the ultimate insider, and he warned us as far back as the 1950s that, after seeing with his own eyes where the War Machine was heading, America had better “beware the military industrial complex”; that is, the system that makes weapons for profit, and needs wars to justify its existence.

“But aren’t we making the world safe for Democracy”, you might ask? Truly, we have to get past such simplistic thinking and start to grasp realpolitik, a term which means that power is the driving factor in decision making In the Real World. The first step is to realize we have been lied to about almost everything regarding politics, and especially regarding war. (But this is not surprising, given that Democracies have a shelf life of only about 200 years. After this, the leadership becomes corrupt.)
Here are a few examples of the boondoggles that have been brought to us by the War Machine, and its partner in crime, the Media Industrial Complex.

1: By now everyone should know we overthrew the Persian Government in 1953 because of oil, changing the course of history for that nation forever, and preparing the way for the Ayatollah, tons of terrorism, and decades of international friction which persists to this day. Have we ever acknowledged this? Is there any indication that this taints our ability to wage just wars?

2: Next, we trained and armed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and they became al Qaeda and the Taliban. This is flat-out embarrassing, if not obliquely nefarious.

3: Moving sequentially, let’s be sure to remember how the Reagan Administration sold weapons to Iran to fund the Contras. Wait, I thought Iran was the enemy?

4: Speaking of enemies, why isn’t Saudi Arabia an enemy, when they practically personify the spirit of Jihad? Nope. They’re our trusted ally in the war against humanity. Excuse me, extremism.

And now it’s come to the surface from Hillary’s emails that the State Department and a coterie of Slick Hilly’s compadres trained and armed terrorists in Libya, to funnel them into Syria, in order to overthrow Assad. (Wait; excuse me, “ISIS”.) I don’t imagine it was White House bureaucrats who taught them how to fight, however.

We’ve bombed Syrian universities and hospitals, displaced 60% of the population, and caused an enormous refugee crisis. This is after turning Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya into replicas of the surface of the Moon. Perhaps the Pentagon wants to see how large a crater it can create? If so, they’re off to a good start.

Then there is the crater Big Media has left in the American intellect, obscuring memory and cognitive function. Certain camps attribute psychological warfare to the Media, which might explain the constant bombardment with fear, explosive news, and shell-shocking terror coverage. In this school of thought, Big Media is the true terrorist.

Should, then, the Media be trusted when it comes to compelling war, when it seems to lie constantly and egregiously, as it sets the stage for an environment where the Machine can sell weapons, profit mightily, and make the public pay for the privilege? And should we not take the war-making privilege away from the Vampires who profit from bloodshed?

Consisting of Corporations so dreadful they make the symbolic Death Star look like an idyll of the Seychelles, the War Machine is on the one hand a tremendous engine of the economy; on the other, it costs the nation trillions in debt, which means it is killing it at the same time. (I guess the killing never stops.)

Sun Tzu explained centuries ago that you can’t keep fighting wars forever, if you don’t want your country to fall apart. (Unless, of course, that is your actual objective.)
But an even greater Sage once solemnly declared, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”, then he reached down to heal the wound of His enemy.

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